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Varietal: Merlot

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2010 La Porte des Princes Merlot

Item no. 1579610

La Porte des Princes is made at Châteauneuf-du-Pape's only co-operative winery, where all the growers are part-owners of the enterprise. Naturally, ma ...
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HK$ 139.001 bottle
HK$ 834.006 bottles
(HK$ 139.00 a bottle)
HK$ 1668.0012 bottles
(HK$ 139.00 a bottle)

2012 Mandriano Merlot

Item no. 0888512

Named after the local herdsmen who graze their sheep and goats on the high pastures near the vineyards, Mandriano is well structured with deep plummy ...
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HK$ 149.001 bottle
HK$ 894.006 bottles
(HK$ 149.00 a bottle)
HK$ 1788.0012 bottles
(HK$ 149.00 a bottle)

2012 La Croix de Bordeaux

Item no. 1628112

It's pure Merlot, thermo vinified to release maximum colour and fruit flavour from the grapes with minimal tannins. Food friendly, it's just the tick ...
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HK$ 179.001 bottle

2008 Verniotte

Item no. 0530008

Henry: "This is made with the finest grapes from my 50-year-old Merlot and Cabernet Franc vines. It's the blend behind Pomerol's greats and gives Vern ...
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HK$ 299.001 bottle
HK$ 1794.00
HK$ 1599.00
6 bottles
(HK$ 266.50 a bottle)
HK$ 3588.00
HK$ 2990.00
12 bottles
(HK$ 249.17 a bottle)

2008 Chateau Grand Ferrand Bordeaux Magnum

Item no. 1941508

The wine has a lovely, fruity aroma with liquorice and mineral notes and its texture is smooth as silk. For a little local flavour, serve it with wild ...
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HK$ 349.001 bottle

2008 Chateau Franc Maillet

Item no. 0260008

The great wines of Pomerol are “undeniable choices for hedonists who want oodles of rich black currant, black cherry and black berry fruit” Robert Par ...
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HK$ 449.001 bottle
HK$ 2694.00
HK$ 1790.00
6 bottles
(HK$ 298.33 a bottle)
HK$ 5388.00
HK$ 3000.00
12 bottles
(HK$ 250.00 a bottle)

Results : 1 to 7 of 7

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